April 25, 2024

Problem Over Retirement Money

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The international lenders and also foreign rates of interest threaten Judges’ Retirement pension plans! Instead of a court stepping down from a mortgage repossession case, the judges endanger house owners by letting the international Lenders, bank servicers third-party financial obligation collectors, and also financial institutions confiscate the house owners’ residences and also commercial buildings primarily out of concern.

Through a secret resource, a retired judge shows this reality in an informal chat. The judges hesitate about the courtroom video cameras that have a Direct Feed to the Key Chief Law Officer in ENGLAND.

These video cameras positioned in all courts check the process to keep an eye on the court’s actions and also refereeing opinion in each home mortgage foreclosure case, especially those offered to the court by property owners or pro-see litigates, to make certain that these foreign interests get their United States Bankruptcy settlements on passion every single month.

These are the wonderful scams put upon us all by the courts in every court. Now you and I are never ever meant to know this, since if the general public ever before they got wind of this, there may be a wonderful disobedience versus these international passions and federal governments.

The courts are terrified of responsibility and also shedding cash. The judge confessed that they can not arrest as well as try a living being. They can and also do arrest as well as attempt an alien, corporate entity such as your straw man or straw female with all capital letters on your company fiction side of the UCC laws with your consent. However, they can not let individuals understand this.

The Million Buck concern is do we press on in the courts for justice or do you withdraw and also do nothing and also shed everything?

We have to hold the Judges accountable under their oath of the workplace to support, protect, as well as protect the Constitution and Government of the United States as well as of the State of …

Courts do not follow their own State statutes, Federal UCC laws, or previous lawsuit law that they, themselves wrote, except when it profits the confiscating worldwide bankers when passing down their summary judgments in favor of the banks and also international passions to illegally confiscate on homes as well as commercial properties to satisfy the insolvent United States firm under Public law, Straw Man Slave Law HJR 192, Residence Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, that put each and every one of us as debt instruments: straw men and also women, business fictions, and also social security numbers that pay the USA Corporate financial debt.

If the courts passed judgment on home loan repossession fraudulence in the court areas honestly, 97.99% of all court cases must be rescinded, except those for the residence possesses, since they were never ever prosecuted properly! The only means you will be laid off is to know the law. Understanding and understanding are the secrets. You have to have the ability to verify and describe the legislation to the judges.

International rates of interest endangering the courts are not our problem. It is the court’s issue over their retired life money. If courts are being threatened, after that they must step down as well as stop their work as well as get actual work like the rest of us. Judges must be objective, and fair, and maintain the law. Judges need to not take the international entities as well as worldwide lenders’ hazards as well as penalize us, We the People, for their issue.

The initial step is Administrative treatment and also the second step is judicial. We require to comprehend the public laws and also job summaries of the courts and get justice back into our court systems under the Constitution FOR the United States of America. For additional tips and information about debt settlement, you may visit their page to know more.

The Court’s issues of threat are not our troubles, but they are punishing us for their troubles in the court areas. Hold the Judges liable for their activities. Know and comprehend the general public regulations and start a quiet title lawsuit versus the financial institutions.