July 16, 2024

Good Diet For Weight Loss

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A diet for slimming with the correct diet system (PP) can be treated differently. You can criticize and find flaws in it, or you can fanaticalally stick to it all your life, enjoying your appearance.

But the fact that the PP system is effective and has helped thousands of fat people who have lost their hands is a fact proven by time and confirmed by nutritionists.

Good nutrition is not only about cabbage salads and steamed fish. Millions of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner have been created for the PP system, many of which satisfy the needs of the organism and are worthy to be included in the plan of proper nutrition for each person!

PP program

  • Focus on the “food pyramid”, according to which 40% of the dishes on your table should contain complex carbohydrates (which include wholemeal bread, all types of cereals except for manna, as well as cereals), 35% – are fresh and steamed or baked vegetables and fruits, and 20% – are healthy proteins (lean meat, any kind of poultry and fish, fermented milk and dairy products). The remaining 5% may be due to fats and sugar.
  • Combine meat with vegetables and fruit.
  • If you want to, you can have a little sweetness. But do not exceed the allowable norm of sugary foods per day – 5 teaspoons. And it is better to replace sugar with honey at all. All desserts can be eaten only in the morning, in order to be able to burn the calories before the evening.
  • Make sure that your body receives a sufficient amount of protein (a person needs it at least 100-150 g per day). Protein is a building material that renews cells and keeps muscles working.
  • Avoid semi-finished products, fast food and sauces, and canned food. Large quantities of sugar and salt are added even to ketchup.


Each diet may only be used for a limited period of time. When the result is achieved, you should switch to a healthy diet. If you start to stick to the right diet, you won’t have to give up your favorite and harmful food at all. But it is necessary to strictly control the time and volume of consumption of such products, as well as to compensate for their caloric content by physical activity.

How to make a diet plan for weight loss

Individual planning of your own menu for the day, week, month will help to develop a habit of eating correctly and in a strictly defined mode.

Fractional – not less than 3 times, or better 5-6 times a day – the diet is the key to food discipline. It is not necessary to break or rearrange your usual daily routine. Use your lifestyle as a basis for your plan.

What’s important when making the menu

  • When you sign up for a week-long menu, prepare a shopping list at the grocery stores right away. Distribute what day you will be cooking right away. Some days, for example, you should get chicken and fish.
  • Breakfast should not be missed, even if there is no hunger. Each breakfast should be balanced and nutritious – 50% of the daily carbohydrate rate should be for breakfast, leave 30% for proteins, 20% for fats.
  • Dinner should contain mostly proteins. For example, low-fat cottage cheese, baked chicken or fish for steam.
  • Midday snacks, second breakfasts – the right and balanced snacks between the main meals. But they should not turn into a full meal.
  • When calculating calories, take away those burnt during physical activity. For example, if you are going to walk around the city all day or plan a long-distance bicycle crossing, increase your diet on that day.
  • Drink simple drinking water – not cooled and not boiling (it cleans the gastrointestinal tract and starts metabolic processes). Useful for thinners green tea (it accelerates metabolism, fills the body’s need for antioxidants and perfectly suppresses appetite).
  • Coffee can be drunk, but its caloric variations (latte or cappuccino) consume only before lunch.

Weakening mistakes.

  • Sweet and flourish breakdowns (they should not be excluded at all, but dose the techniques not to violate the norm of daily calorie consumption).
  • Fried and smoked. Such heat treatment of food is possible, if you fry without oil, on open fire, and smoke no more than 20 minutes in a natural way (not artificial smoke).
  • Prefer raw vegetables and fruits for boiled and baked food, consume a maximum of greens of all varieties.
  • Heavy dinner with large portions. Boil or stew meat or fish and add fresh vegetables (e.g. 200g of stewed beef with one fresh cucumber).
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol. It should be avoided as it is quite caloric and can cause severe hunger.
  • Do not drink water while eating. As well as tea or juice. Make a cup of tea only one hour before the meal and half an hour afterwards.
  • Be careful with salt, spices and sauces. All this strongly stimulates appetite and can lead to malfunction and overeating.
  • Meals should not be missed. Let you always have packing of nuts, water with lemon or a handful of raisins with you. This way, you will calm your appetite and avoid over-eating during delayed meals.

Good nutrition is so correct and beneficial that it can and should be adhered to throughout life in the name of a slim figure and a healthy appearance. It’s time to make a menu for yourself!

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